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About Me: How does full time career woman, mom, homemaker, caregiver, sports fanatic, golf addict, and avid reader sound? That’s me, all rolled into one!

High School/College: South Allegheny High School (go Glads!) and Edinboro University, home of the fighting Scots!

Hometown: grew up in Liberty Boro, now live in the home of Dean Martin....Steubenville, OH!

Favorite Music: Love all kinds of music because it puts me in a good mood. The coolest musician I was able to hang-out with is Kenny Chesney before he was big. I took him a bottle of wine and two Dixie cups and we hung out behind his bus at the PG Pavilion and partied.

Favorite Song: all-time favorite song? Whew! I really can't pick just one because every time I hear one that I THINK is my favorite I hear another one and think the same thing!

Favorite Hobby/Interests/Activities: A day in the life of Wendy Green after the Green Team wraps up a show? Power nap, power walk, power read, power eat, power sleep. Up and back at it again at 2:30am! Love walking, reading, eating, golfing, but most of all....sleeping!

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld, The Sopranos. Ain't nuttin' better. Period.

Favorite Movie: To Kill a Mockingbird. Plain and simple. Almost named my daughter, "Scout" after one of the lead characters but then Demi Moore went and did it so I didn't.

Favorite Food: Trust me, I will eat anything. And probably love it!

Beverage of Choice: um, it rhymes with beer...

Worst Fear: merging in traffic......I'm on an anti-merge campaign.

Pet Peeves: I absolutely cannot stand when people litter. Why would someone want to dirty this beautiful earth? I also really get peeved when I find gum stuck to the bottom of a seat like at a Steeler Game or when I take my mother to the movies!

Favorite celebrity you’ve met: Paul McCartney and his late wife, Linda. No question. An indescribable moment in my life and I was extremely lucky to get the chance.

Hidden Talents: oddly enough, I can remember telephone numbers even after I'm only told them once. Isn't there something I can take for that?!

Is there anybody you would still love to meet that you haven’t? The man who invented the alarm clock so I could box his ears!



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